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Handcrafted Marble Plinths & pedestals
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Plinths and pedestals are a perfect means of making a focal point of a sculpture, antique or floral display in your home, gallery, or in fact, any environment.

Our beautifully hand carved marble & stone pedestals & plinths in both classic and modern styles are ideal for collectors of sculpture, artworks, as well as for schools, museums, florists, showrooms and art galleries. An architectural support or base, for a column or statue, A plinth is a block or slab on which a pedestal, column, or statue can be placed.
Made artistically from sandstone, marble, and a verity of other stones, garden pedestals and plinths encompass traditional as well as contemporary designs.

In ancient Greek and Roman architecture, the plinth block commonly supported a column, also known as an order. In today's replications of Classical elements, known as Greek revival architecture, the raised plinth is still put to good use, but with more variety.

The use of the plinth block is not limited to the column or pilaster. In large scale traditional building, plinth blocks have also served to elevate monuments and structures throughout time. In the home, a plinth block can serve as a pedestal for sculptures, vases, even furniture.

The plinth block normally has the shape of a square slab, however, with the use of marble, opportunities for stone carvings and details arise. Marble & stone offers the possibility of inscription, adding the element of personalization, as well as ornate decoration.

Our collection of marble & stone plinth blocks is ideal for highlighting your columns, pilasters, and sculptural pieces.

Decorative plinth blocks can be carved with classic patterns such as daisies or targets, or with symbols or elements from nature such as leaves, fruits, birds, seashells, moose, bear, fish, and suns.

Description Marble & stone pedestals & plinths
Type Hand carved decorative marble and stone pedestals & plinths
Category Architecture
Collection Decorative marble and stonepedestals & plinths
Weight 50-100 kg.
Size H 2', 3' & bigger
Material Marble, soap stone, lime stone sand stone
Suite garden or any outdoor ,indoor portion.
Style Eastern Classical, Religious ,Roman, Cherubic, Medieval, Indian,Arabic
Finish Available in Smooth,polished,shiny or Unglazed & rough finish
Brand Indus Valley
Customization Custom designs, size and material,finish can be accommodated
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Handcrafted Marble Plinths & pedestals
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