Hand carved Marble Pediments
+ Columns + Plinths & pedestals
+ Capitals + Hand carved stone lattice
+ Handrail & Baluster + Door Surrounds + Corbels
Want to add a unique look to your front door?  Then you should try a front door pediment over it.  A door pediment is basically just a decoration that is roughly the width of the door.
  They are perfect for adding some charm to any door.  A standard door pediment can and will range in design, but one feature that will not change is the center attribute.  A door pediment will always have a focal point in the center and then some decorative scrolls and shapes that will finish off the sides.  This focal point is what will give the door pediment character and can also speak to what you love in life. 

At Indus Valley we offer a huge variety of pediments such as a rams head door pediment, cow head door pediment and even a door pediment that can be carved to resemble that actual family that live at the house!

Hand carved marble & stone pediments can serve to enhance the arch of a doorway. Inside the home or public building, pediments can take many forms

Outside pediments can be used on arches, breezeways, veranda posts, and columns.

Overdoor pediment Can be used alone or with pilasters, and Can also be used a wall plaque.

Hand carved marble & stone architectural pediment will enhance any new constriction, renovation or decoration project making a distinctive impression.

Each decorative pediment in our collection is reproduced from classic historical designs & hand carved in verity of materials like Marble, Onyx, Sand stone, & Travertine . They can be used in any decorative application such as over doors, wardrobes bookcases, fitments, bars and hotels.
Description Door & window Pediment
Type Hand carved, Sculpted
Category Decorative moldings/ Wall Surface Ornaments
Collection Hand Carved Marble Pediment
weight-Approx 10-50 kg depends on design, patterns & size
Size-Approx custom made to choice
Material Marble,Lime stone,
Color White, yellow, gray, black, green, brown & more
Suite Living room, dining room, entryway, yard, pool area, garden, bath area, and office or conference room./ interior & exterior surfaces
Style Classical, religious ,roman, cherubic, medieval, indian,arabic
Finish Natural,Honed,Polished to high luster
Brand Indus Valley
Customization Custom designs, size and material,finish can be accommodated
Imp. These items are hand-crafted, and therefore each peice may vary in color,texture, grains and carvings.
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Hand carved Marble Pediment for Doors & Windows
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