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The design of handrails and balusters is a key element that can make staircases an elegant and noticeable feature, whether installed on an interior or exterior staircase. There are short handrails, wall-mounted handrails, freestanding handrails and handrails that are attached to box newels and post newels. At Indus Valley , we design Handrail and balusters for a variety of settings, both residential and commercial.
Interior Handrails and Balusters

The primary reason for installing handrails is to provide support and protection for adults and children when they are ascending or descending staircases. However, there is no reason why handrails can't be used to provide focal points for staircase, as they so often are. A combination of straight and bending handrails, or adding different handrail fittings, can give staircases a dramatic effect.

Balusters are available in marble & variety of stones, typically, marble balusters are available in 36 to 48 normally, but they can also be purchased in larger dimensions. Balusters can be square-shaped or designed to "turn" and track visual imagery of the handrail, as well as the bottom step.

Exterior Handrails and Balusters

When most people think of the design of handrails and balusters for exterior use, pressure-treated lumber and traditional deck or porch styling often come to mind. However, there is a wide range of exterior-grade stones, such as travertine, limestone, sandstone, apart from marble & granite, which are used to create beautiful and intricate statements on outside staircases.

When you require something more sophisticated than a railing system, our hand carved Stone & marble collocation of Classic Balustrade provide a perfect finishing touch for a full range of exteriors. They prove that you don't have to sacrifice elegance for safety as you define exterior spaces. Our balustrade systems are crafted with beauty to provide relaxing and aesthetically effective spaces. They are also crafted with precision in high quality materials that are designed to last and keep your new balustrade system looking as beautiful as the day you install it.

Our collection of classic marble Handrails & balusters is simple and artistic, making them well suited for your clean, Art Deco sense of style.  Balusters can be used as decoration or function as barriers or railing, and are completely customizable.

We have hundreds of Artistically Designed and all hand-carved marble Handrails & balusters to choose from.

Description Hand carved, marble & stone handrails and balusters
Type Hand carved, reproductions of historic designs
Category Architecture
Collection Marble handrails and balusters
Weight-Approx Handrails and balusters Set: 250-500kg/ depends on the design
Size balusters height:  32 & custom size
Handrails and balusters Set : Height:  32 Width:  58 Depth:  14
Material Travertine, limestone, sandstone, apart from marble & granite
Suite Can be used as decoration or function as barriers or railing
Style Greek,Roman, Indian
Finish Highly polished and refined ,or rugged & natural finish
Brand Indus Valley
Customization Custom designs, size and material,finish can be accommodated
Imp. These items are hand-crafted, and therefore each peice may slightly vary in stone color,texture, grains and carvings.
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Handrail & Baluster
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