Gemstone-powder Paintings
Paintings on Marble tiles
+ Paintings Feat.Gemstone –onlay

Gemstone painting has its origin in India . The Gemstone painting, as the name suggests, is made of real or semi-precious gemstones. The real stones used include emerald, ruby, blue sapphire, yellow sapphire, multi colored sapphires and pearl.

Since time immemorial, Artisans have been the keepers and practitioners of ancient traditions. With help of our experienced master craftsmen,

We at Indus Valley have designed & developed an exclusive range of gemstone paintings.

Indus Valley proudly offers a huge and fascinating range of Gemstone Paintings.

Metal & wood framed Paintings done with trained hands are made of crushed semi precious stone powder, with base as Makrana marble tiles.which is the best marble of India .

The marble tile measures 4" x 4" and frame measures 8" x 8". Color, Design & Size is based on Buyer's Preference

Description Semi-precious gemstones-powder Paintings,
Type All hand work
Category Accessories / home-decore
Collection Paintings
Tile Shape Various
Size 8"x10, 10"x12, 12"x14 & bigger
Material Marble tile base, matle & wood frame,
Suite Homes, Hotels,Resorts, Guest House Spas and So On.
Style Indian,traditional
Brand Indus Valley
Customization Custom designs, size and material,finish can be accommodated
Imp. these items are hand-crafted, and therefore each peice may vary in color and gemstone powder work..
Price Request a quote

Custom designs, sizes and materials can be accommodated,

We welcome you to discuss your ideas and requirements with us.

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