Fireplace Surround
Hand carved Marble Fireplace Surrounds
+ Pediments + Handrail & Baluster
+ Door Surrounds + Corbels + Columns
+ Plinths & pedestals + Hand carved stone lattice

The history of stone fireplace can be traced back to 16th Century when stone walls were cut and fireplaces were formed. It has been a source of providing heat since ancient times.

From mere functional objects to the classy objects of art, fireplaces gained popularity when Victorians started using them to add elegance and warmth to their interiors.

The fireplace is usually the focal point of any room and can provide a very different feel depending on the type of fire surround you install.

Indus valley proudly offers a huge range of Hand-carved Italian marble fireplace surrounds in a range of colors and styles to supersede your most demanding standards.

Marble fireplace surrounds impart an elegant look to interiors as well as exteriors. It reflects an individual's personal taste and style and adds a touch of class.

Our Marble fireplaces surrounds are available in various finishes and designs to give your home welcoming warmth.

We offer an exotic range of fire surrounds, elegantly hand carved by our master artisans, Made from highest quality marble, our fire surrounds are extremely attractive and offer perfect finishing.

We at Indus Valley along with our team of interior designers & experienced artisans, will be glad to bring your dream project to reality, be it for your residence or a hotel or resort project.

Our range can also be customized as per the client' preference.

With a reproduction of fireplace mantle from the 8th century Royal European Families, your home can also have these exclusive & luxurious limestone fireplace mantel from the European castles.

You can add these 19th century Italian design, hand carved, magnificent fireplace surrounds, to your extravagant custom home project, with just one call.

We welcome you to discuss your ideas and requirements with us.

Description Fireplace surrounds
Type Hand-carved,
Reproduction mantles from the 8th century Royal European
Families , 19th century Italian design
Category Architecture
Collection Hand-carved Italian marble fireplace surrounds
Size Standard & Large - custom
Material Marble, soap stone, lime stone
Suite Home, hotels, resorts
Style Indian,European, traditional
Finish smooth,polished,shiny
Brand Indus Valley
Customization Custom designs, size and material,finish can be accommodated
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Fireplace Surround  
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