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Besides serving the functional purpose, natural stone & marble bathtubs help to enhance the aesthetic value of the interiors.

Beautifully handcrafted Italian marble bathtubs are eye catching, luxurious & adorn the bathrooms of the class conscious.
Natural stone bath tubs are easy to maintain and last a lifetime.

They are available in oval, circular, square shapes. Each stone creates a distinct aura with its texture, grain and color. Marble, Granite, Sandstone, Cast stone are few of the popular choices.
At Indus Valley we make highest quality luxurious, marble bathtubs.

All the materials are carefully selected to achieve perfect quality.

There is a wide range of marble colors to choose from, like the most popular black, beige, crème , red, white & more.view the marble color options here.

The finish of a marble bath tub can be polished, honed, or natural.

We'll be glad to produce custom marble bathtub for your residential or hotel & resort projects.

Description Marble Bath-tubs
Type Hand carved, custom
Category Luxury bath /spa
Collection Hand carved, custom Marble Bath-tubs
Shape Oval, circular, square,
Size 60x30'
Approx weight 1500kg - 1800kg.
Material Top grade marble,Natural Soapstone, lime stone
Suite Homes, Hotels,Resorts, Guest House Spas
Style Roman ,Victorean
Finish Smooth,polished,shiny
Brand Indus Valley
Customization Custom designs, size and material,finish can be accommodated
Imp. These items are hand-crafted, and therefore each peice may vary in color,texture, grains and carvings.
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Hand carved custom Marble Bath-tubs
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