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Tables Tops

Table top master pieces Inspired by the Taj Mahal inlay work, utilize the same stone inlay techniques to create these dazzling Table tops. Tables Tops are available in various Shapes like Round, Rectangular, Oval, Square and Octagonal. Read more >>

Accent tiles

Indus Valley offers a plethora of hand made Accent tiles perfect for any floor or wall/border works.

Classic Indian arabesque designs featuring exquisite semi precious stones-inlay hand work/ Pietra Dura on marble tiles, as seen in the Taj mahal, Read more >>

Wine goblets

Indus Valley has created a variety of marble wine glasses and accessories that are unique in design, and are a perfect addition to the homes of any wine enthusiast looking for a fun and exotic way to display their treasures.


Gemstone inlay Marble Utility box

Indus Valley presents a fascinating collection of Marble Utility boxes Featuring Exquisite Semi-Precious Gemstones inlay work Handcrafted by Master Artisans.


Bathroom Vanity Sets

Luxury alabaster and marble bath accessories add the final touch to your dream bath. Hand-carved Italian marble in a range of colors and styles to supersede your most demanding standards.


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