Eastern Garden Lanterns

We proudly present a huge range of exquisitely Hand Carved Marble Table Lamps, Aroma Lamps, Tea light holders, exterior, interior and garden light fixtures, lamps, light diffusers, and lanterns.

Our collection of light fixtures and accessories is all hand carved from limestone, marble, soapstone, alabaster and a choice of stones & Offer the best of marble craftsmanship.

Eastern Garden Lanterns come pre-drilled for your own light fixture.

Description Eastern Garden Lanterns
Type Hand-carved
Category Landscaping
Collection Eastern Garden Lanterns
Size 24" , 36" , 48'' , custom size.
Material Marble, soap stone,
backyard or any garden setting,
Garden paths, porches, verandahs,
Style Japanese/ Eastern/ traditional
Finish smooth,polished,shiny/ Rough, natural
Brand Indus Valley
Customization Custom designs, size and material,finish can be accommodated
Price Request a quote
We welcome you to discuss your ideas and requirements with us.
Eastern Garden Lanterns
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