The first documented use of an architectural column with decorative elements was more than 5,000 years ago in Egypt . Simple carvings representing bundled reeds embellished the surface of the shaft, opening a new perspective on aesthetics for ancient architects. Over history, architecture has been refined to include many variations on this original column design.


Plinths & pedestals
Plinths and pedestals are a perfect means of making a focal point of a sculpture, antique or floral display in your home, gallery, or in fact, any environment.

Our beautifully hand carved marble & stone pedestals & plinths in both classic and modern styles are ideal for collectors of sculpture, artworks, as well as for schools, museums, florists, showrooms and art galleries.

Wealth of architectural ornamentation gives character, beauty and substance to the interiors. At Indus Valley,Masterfully carved marble & stone capitals & columns are designed to help you to decorate your home with timeless style and architectural relevance.

Our collection of magnificent hand carved decorative capitals is perfect for any home in need for a little something special. It is a great way to top off a post or a pilaster. Read more >>

Our collection of marble & stone corbels and carved ornaments adds a unique and artistic look to any home. From under the counter to outside on the patio or in front of your home and everywhere in between, these carved corbels are a perfect addition for either the interior or exterior.

Available in a selection of material, some of which include pristine white makrana marble, or onyx, soapstone, sand stone; in various finishes and textures. Read more >>

Each decorative pediment in our collection is reproduced from classic historical designs & hand carved in verity of materials like Marble, Onyx, Sand stone, & Travertine . They can be used in any decorative application such as over doors, wardrobes bookcases, fitments, bars and hotels. Read more >>
Handrail & Baluster
When you require something more sophisticated than a railing system, our hand carved Stone & marble collocation of Classic Balustrade provide a perfect finishing touch for a full range of exteriors. They prove that you don't have to sacrifice elegance for safety as you define exterior spaces.

Our balustrade systems are crafted with beauty to provide relaxing and aesthetically effective spaces.

Bring the timeless beauty in the surroundings of your luxurious villa, by installing these stone screens, which exhibit exquisite craftsmanship. Chiseled out from the block of single stone, our collection of these stone screens offers multiple artistic & alluring designs. Our range includes hand carved marble & sandstone screens.


Fireplace surround
Indus valley proudly offers a huge range of Hand-carved Italian marble fireplace surrounds in a range of colors and styles to supersede your most demanding standards. With a reproduction of fireplace mantle from the 8th century Royal European Families, your home can also have these exclusive & luxurious limestone fireplace mantel from the European castles.

You can add these 19th century Italian design, hand carved, magnificent fireplace surrounds, to your extravagant custom home project, with just one call. Read more >>

Door Surrounds
Make a Grand entrance with our hand carved ,marble & stone door & window surrounds. Nothing can make a statement and enhance the architectural style of your home like window and door trim.

Indus Valley offers a wide selection of hand carved grand door surrounds, to complement almost any home. We make surrounds that replicates Gothic, Roman, Greek, Victorian, colonial, antique, classic and other styles to get just the look you want .


Hand carved Medallion & Roses
Intricately hand carved Marble Medallion Onlay brings the beauty of historic architectural reproductions into the modern home.

Medallion Onlays have a rich history of use that continues today, with many of the old styles preserved over time. Some examples are swirling filigrees reminiscent of the decor of the French court, Read more >>

Each cornice is a masterpiece and a depiction of the work of the craftsman of different time. Natural stone cornice helps to give a distinct look to the building. Stone cornices of Cast Marble, sandstone, limestone, are available in different qualities, shapes and colors. They can either be polished or simply carved to give a rustic look. Read more >>
Handcrafted Marble Wall Niches
Niche is an ornamental recess in a wall or the like, usually semicircular in plan and arched, as for a statue, urn or other decorative object.

Showcase your timeless treasures with one of Indus Valley's finely hand carved in stone & marble, Decorative Wall Niches. Our range comes in a verity of stones like limestone, sandstone, soapstone, & high grade makrana marble .with the choice of highly polished & rugged finishes, Read more >>

Carved onlays
Flower/Acanthus onlays are hand carved in marble & verity of stones, and feature a floral motif. Several styles and sizes are available.

Choose larger onlays, like the horizontal Flower onlay or one of the vertical Rose onlays, or opt for a smaller onlay, like the Acanthus, Rose or the Flower.

Hand carved marble & stone rosettes are great embellishments for interior or exterior surfaces. Our rosettes are carved from solid marble and are easy to apply. Shining white Marble or rough look soap stone rosettes will add dimension and texture to any surface.


Dado rails
Stone & marble Chair rails will create a luxurious feel on any surface. These stone Chair rails are rich and sophisticated. The marble & stone dado collection is a natural stone product. No two pieces are exactly alike.


Panel Molding and Framing
Hand carved marble & stone framing corners are great embellishments for interior or exterior surfaces of exclusive designer homes. Our framing corners are carved from solid marble and are easy to apply. Shining white Marble or rough look soap stone framing corners will add dimension and texture to any surface of luxury villas.


Stone Relief / Wall panels
A relief is a sculptured artwork where a carved or modeled form is raised (or in the case of a sunken relief , lowered) from a plane from which the main elements of the composition project (or sink).Raising or lowering the plane is achieved by removing material not relevant to the image.

In the case of sunken relief, the material composing the central image is carved out. Read more >>

Accent tiles
Indus Valley offers a plethora of hand made Accent tiles perfect for any floor or wall/border works.

Classic Indian & arabesque designs featuring exquisite semi precious stones-inlay hand work/ Pietra Dura on marble tiles, as seen in the Taj mahal, can be used as staircase risers, kitchen countertop borders, or as floor tile in your living room or entry way.


Border tiles
A staircase, a kitchen backsplash, an entry, a portico, a niche, a guest bath or master bath, all rooms are brought to new levels of sophistication by the Collection inspired from The Taj mahal.

It Create the perfect home design with the pietra dura hand work tiles as a floor tile border.

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